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1970 Events

As the 1970s began, a number of events would have an impact on the world.

Some were good, some were not so good.

But many would long be remembered by those who lived through them.

Below is a list of memorable events that happen during the 1970s.

1970 events include:


  • All My Children premieres on ABC-TV
  • The first Boeing 747 takes to the skies, flying from JFK to London’s Heathrow
  • M*A*S*H, the movie, premieres
  • The Motion Picture Association dumps the “M” rating and changes it to “PG”
  • Diana Ross and the Supremes perform their farewell concert


  • Beatles Release a new album, the hey Jude Album, this album had a lot of advanced orders and peaked to #2 on the music charts.
  • The Chicago Seven defendants are found not guilty of conspiring to incite a riot


  • Rhodesia cuts its ties with the UK and becomes its own republic
  • Expo 70 opens in Osaka, Japan
  • US Postal Strike


  • President Nixon signs a bill that bans cigarette advertisements on TV
  • It is announced that The Beatles will split up
  • The crew of Apollo 13 must abort their mission after an oxygen tank explodes
  • Earth Day is celebrated for the first time


  • The legendary band The Beatles released their final album Let it Be
  • 100,000 people gather in Washington DC to protest the U.S. involvement in Vietnam


  • The Who performs at the Metropolitan Opera House in NY, the first rock group to do so
  • The U.S. voting age is lowered to 18
  • Ground troops withdraw from Cambodia


  • American Top 40 with Casey Kasem premieres on 5 U.S. radio stations
  • NBC anchor Chet Huntley retires


  • The amazing singer and entertainer, Elton Johns made his first appearance in the United States, in the city of Los Angeles CA.
  • Venera 7 becomes the first spacecraft to transmit data from the surface of another planet


  • Israeli soldiers fight Palestinian guerillas in southern Lebanon
  • The first Ford Pinto comes off the line and onto the streets
  • Jimi Hendrix dies of a drug overdose
  • Monday Night Football debuts


  • Janis Joplin dies in her hotel room in Los Angeles
  • The Public Broadcasting System (PBS) takes over for National Educational Television
  • The comic strip Doonesbury premieres in about 20 U.S. newspapers


  • The lowest weekly soldier death in 5 years occurs among U.S. soldiers in Vietnam
  • Ronald Wilson Regan was reelected the governor of the sunny state of California.


  • Italians pass a law allowing divorce
  • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency begins operations
  • The North Tower of the World Trade Center is completed