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1970s Cartoons

Saturday mornings were the time to tune in to your favorite 1970s cartoons, which were aired on one of three networks – ABC, NBC, or CBS – and perhaps a UHF channel or two.

With such great entertainment you could park yourself in front of the TV in the 70s and sit for hours while watching the decade’s best animated shows.

1970s cartoons were witty and clever and most included at least a few characters that were fairly lovable. Like every era, the 70s brought us cartoons about both the past and the future, as well as the present.

Some reflected real life while others were pretty zany! Many of them taught us things we didn’t know while others were merely entertaining and made us laugh. Overall, they sparked imaginations and made Saturday mornings enjoyable.

Here are some of the most memorable 1970s cartoons.

Josie and the Pussycats – The animated Josie and the Pussycats was the first official girl band! Produced by cartoon greats Hanna-Barbera Productions, this show was about three girls who played and sang in a pop-music band, traveling the world and getting involved in all sorts of wacky capers.

Valley of the Dinosaurs – Another Hanna-Barbera production, this one ran from 1974 to 1976 and told the adventures of science teacher John Butler and his family, who got lost on a trip down the Amazon and wound up in, well, a valley of prehistoric dinosaurs.

Scooby-Doo – One of those cartoons that has come back again and again, the original “Scooby-Doo, Where are You?” aired from 1969 to 1972. Other Scooby productions popped up later in the decade, providing further adventures with Scooby, Freddie, Daphne, Velma, and Shaggy.

Schoolhouse Rock – Schoolhouse Rock wasn’t a 30-minute series but rather a series of shorts that were wedged between cartoons. The ultimate in education cartoon, they featured short, memorable ditties that would help kids learn about English, American History, math, and science.

Groovie Goolies – Produced by Filmation, Groovie Goolies was a spin-off of the popular Sabrina, the Teenage Witch of the 1960s. These monsters were quite hip, and like the aforementioned Pussycats, they sang a new song during each episode. Though they all resided at spooky Horrible Hall, the show was only mildly scary.

Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids – Produced by Bill Cosby, this wonderful cartoon ran for 109 episodes and told the tales of Cosby’s growing up years in a Philadelphia inner-city low-income neighborhood. Bill voiced many of the characters, include the title character.

The Great Grape Ape Show – Airing from 1975-1978, this Hanna-Barbera cartoon was about a 40-foot-tall purple gorilla and his tiny canine pal, Beegle Beagle. Kids loved when Grape Ape sneezed and blew everything out of sight!

There were also a number of cartoons of the 1970s that were based on current or past TV shows.

Producers figured that if people were watching the prime time show, they might also like to see their favorite characters in animated form.

Such cartoons included Partridge Family 2200 AD, Jeannie, The Addams Family, Star Trek: The Animated Series, My Favorite Martians, and The Brady Kids.

There was even a Saturday morning cartoon that depicted The Jackson 5 involved in a variety of interesting antics and included, of course, some of their biggest hit songs.