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1970s Vintage Clothing

These days, vintage clothing is all the rage, and garb from the 70s is no exception.

Used clothing stores are full of great clothing pieces from the 1970s and costume companies also peddle 70s wear that appeals to both those who lived through the decade and those who did not.

Those who wish to take a backward glance at 1970s vintage clothing will find that there are a number of different selections from that era in time, often depending on what part of the decade you wish to recreate.

Vintage clothing from the early years of the 1970s might include bell bottom jeans or other types of similar trousers. These pants generally include tapered legs with large flared bottoms.

Many were of the so-called hip-hugger style, which were jeans that sat at the hips rather than at the natural waistline. These were best worn by those with a thin physique and purchasing a pair is a fun way to relive the trends of the 70s.

Also in the early part of the decade, women wore gauzy peasant shirts that have actually become popular once again.

These shirts generally had an elasticized, rounded neckline that may or may not have included a bodice that laced up the front. Sleeves were usually elasticized as well and may have been short or long. This vintage 70s wear was loose and comfortable.

As the 70s waned, clothing changed. Vintage 1970s clothing during the middle to later years is a lot different than that of the early part of the decade.

For example, the disco era came to fruition in about 1975 and people began wearing outfits that were suitable for a night on the dance floor under the glitter of the disco ball.

For both men and women, this might have included a sparkly, satiny jumpsuit – usually one with a thick jewel-encrusted belt. Women may have also worn mini dresses with geometric patterns and flared sleeves along with a pair of go-go boots or platform shoes.

The men also wore platform shoes with their 3-piece suits. As a matter of fact, the white 3-piece suit was quite popular, made famous by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. It is the ultimate in 1970s vintage clothing.

Another popular male fashion from the 1970s was the leisure suit, which fans of the decade can also find in vintage clothing stores and costume shops across the country.

The leisure suit was meant to be a more comfortable form of the traditional suit and included casual pants and a boxy jacket that buttoned all the way up the front.

In the 70s, these were worn with brightly-colored solid, floral, or geometric patterned shirts, usually opened at the chest. These leisure suits were usually made of an inexpensive polyester material and were fashioned in a variety of non-traditional colors, including plaids.