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1978 Events

The memorable events that occurred in 1978 included:


  • Former vice president Hubert Humphrey dies of cancer
  • Volkswagen stops making the Beetle
  • Fantasy Island premieres on ABC, airing following The Love Boat each Saturday night


  • Blizzard of 1978 storm in New England, caused millions in damage
  • First microchip patented by Texas Instruments


  • A grave robber steals Charlie Chaplin’s remains from a cemetery in Switzerland
  • Karl Wallenda of the Flying Wallendas dies during a tight-rope walk in Puerto Rico


  • The Academy Awards celebrate its 50th anniversary
  • Volkswagen opens its first U.S. plant new New Stanton, Pennsylvania
  • The TV show Dallas premieres as a 5-week miniseries
  • A nuclear reactor accident in West Virginia kills 51


  • The first legal casino in the eastern U.S. – Resorts Casino – opens in Atlantic City, NJ
  • Al Unser wins the Indianapolis 500 for the third time


  • For the first time, the Mormons allow black men to become priests in their denomination
  • The comic strip Garfield makes its debut


  • The first test tube baby, Louise Brown, is born in Manchester, England
  • World News Tonight premieres on ABC
  • The Watkins Glen Summer Jam, a la Woodstock, draws 600,000 to central New York


  • Pope Paul VI dies, and 20 days later, Pope John Paul I is selected to succeed him


  • Anwar Sadat and Menachem Begin meet for peace talks at Camp David and sign the famous Peace Accords
  • All in the Family dominates the annual Emmy Awards


  • Vietnam attacks Cambodia
  • The amazing Steve Perry joins the group Journey and was the lead singer till 1997
  • Pope John Paul II is elected and installed


  • World golf hall of famer Nancy Lopez wins LPGA Colgate Far East Golf Open


  • Dianne Feinstein becomes San Francisco’s first female mayor
  • Pete Rose, of the Philadelphia Phillies, becomes the highest paid baseball player
  • Cleveland becomes the first city to default since the Great Depression