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70s Accessories

A 70s outfit was not complete without the proper 70s accessories to go along with the look.

There were a variety of must-have accessories in the 70s and different accessories are indicative of different parts of the decade, with some 60s trends carrying over into the early 1970s and others emerging as the decade waned.

In 1970 and for a few years afterward, the accessories one would have found during the hippie era of the late 1960s were still in vogue.

It wasn’t unusual for young adults to sport a peace sign necklace that hung from a large chain.

With the war in Vietnam continuing until 1973, the peace sign made an important statement for those who were less than happy with what was going on in that part of the world.

They came in all shapes and sizes and, today, you can buy these costume jewelry pieces at vintage clothing stores or from costume shops.

Another jewelry trend of the 70s was the bangle bracelet. This women’s accessory was worn with any number of outfits and was usually much thicker than the thin bangles worn nowadays.

Many women had bangles in a variety of colors to match each of their favorite outfits. They were inexpensive and a great way to accessorize.

Men wore plenty of jewelry in the 70s as well. A favorite male 70s accessory, especially in the disco era, was a gold chain of some sort.

They were worn with shirts that were left unbuttoned down to the center of the chest and were popular with most everyone. Most were simply a chain and didn’t sport any sort of medallion or icon.

Men didn’t really wear hats in the 70s but the ladies latched onto the Ali MacGraw hat when the movie Love Story was released at the beginning of the decade.

MacGraw made the knit hat the iconic headwear of the early 70s. Women were constantly knitting and crocheting these hats for themselves and their friends, usually in a variety of colors.

They were easy to make and each included a large flower on one side near the ear. (Of course, you could buy them in the stores as well.)

Shoes were an important accessory of the 70s. Nearly everyone is familiar with the iconic platform shoe, which was worn throughout a good portion of the decade, but especially from about 1974-1977.

Made of a variety of materials and available in myriad styles, this is the shoe most often associated with the 70s.

Also popular was the classic Dr. Scholls sandal, which had a hard, wooden one-inch sole and a simple leather buckled strap across the front, available in a variety of colors. They were most often worn with shorts or sundresses.