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70s Bell Bottom Pants

Nothing quite says 70s fashion like bell bottom pants. First introduced towards the end of the 1960s, bell bottoms led the way in regards to popular fashion trends.

Nearly everyone wore bell bottoms, from kids to middle-agers, and it’s a fad that has returned again and again, though with a slightly different look each time it reappears.

In the 70s, bell bottom jeans were especially trendy. Celebrities wore them on television and at rock concerts, so they were quick to catch on with the general public, most of whom wanted to dress like their favorite stars.

These bell bottom jeans of the 70s usually had a low waist and were cut straight to the knees and then flared from the knee to the ankle. Unlike the flared pants of today, however, bell bottoms of the 1970s could be quite wide.

As a matter of fact, many wearers thought “the wider, the better.” In some cases, if the bell bottom jeans weren’t considered to be wide enough, wearers would open the seams at the bottom and add extra fabric, often in some wild print in vibrant colors. In many cases, people embroidered the bottoms of their bell bottom jeans to make them uniquely theirs.

Some bell bottom jeans were already very wide when purchased. These were called elephant bell bottoms and they were so wide that you could trip over them if they were too long and you didn’t watch where you were walking.

Bell bottom pants, however, weren’t always blue jeans. Both men and women could buy dress pants that were bell bottoms as well. As a matter of fact, some men’s suits came with bell bottom pants.

This was especially the case during the mid to late 1970s when men’s leisure suits were popular. These suits had a more relaxed look so it was natural to include bell bottoms in the mix because they didn’t look quite as formal as normal suit pants.

Women’s dress bell bottoms were available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Often, they were fashioned from the brightly colored prints that were so popular during that era.

Like bell bottom jeans, these pants often sat low on the hips and might have been accessorized with a macramé belt. Later in the decade, they were generally worn with platform shoes.

Bell bottom pants could be found in 70s discos as well. They were usually tight and shiny, often made of lame or some other sort of glitzy fabric. As a matter of fact, even the jumpsuits that were so trendy during that era were often flared at the bottom as well.

The bell bottoms worn during the disco era were probably accompanied by a fancy belt that was nearly as sparkly as the disco ball itself.