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70s Costumes

70s parties are all the rage these days.

Party-throwers enjoy harkening back to the days of disco and platform shoes, especially if that decade was an important time in their life.

Of course, anytime a 70s party is on the schedule, guests can find a cool 70s costume and dress the part.

Putting together a 70s costume is lots of fun and allows party-goers to truly experience a little nostalgia, taking a look back at a decade that had a large influence on the people of the 20th century.

70s Costumes for Men

Mens clothing in the 1970s was quite unique though most of the pieces in the 70s male wardrobe have yet to reappear, unlike some of the female trends of the decade.

Most people, looking back, would proclaim them to be a little far out, but they were indeed flashy and unforgettable.

Probably the most popular 70s costumes for men are imitations of the fabulous 3-piece white suit worn by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Posed in front of a disco ball in most publicity shots, Travolta wore a long-collared, black dress shirt with his suit and sported a pair of white platform shoes to complete the look. Many 70s costume companies offer versions of this suit.

Another male 70s costume trend that is often repeated at 70s parties is the jumpsuit, a one-piece outfit that includes both shirt and pants connected together and usually worn with a belt.

Though these weren’t the most flattering for men who were anything less than tall and trim, they were indeed popular. Anyone who sports one of these will certainly be in style at a 70s Costume gala.

Other possibilities are bell bottom jeans, which were popular in the first half of the decade, or a leisure suit, which came into fashion in the later portion of the 70s.

The latter was often worn in pastel shades with a flowered shirt. These are also available from many 70s costume manufacturers.

70s Costumes for Women

Women who have the need to find a 70s costume for a party or other event have several choices as well.

The disco diva look is very popular and consists of a slinky, sparkly 70s jumpsuit that has legs that are straight until the knee and then flair dramatically to the ankle. These are nearly always worn with platform shoes.

Women might also consider a mini dress, usually in a wild print and – not unlike the pants – tapered at the waist and then flared at the bottom.

The sleeves are generally flared from the ankle to the wrist as well. These are best worn with high vinyl go-go boots.  Bell bottom jeans and a peasant shirt are also a popular costume choice.

To complete the 70s costume, look for a wig that’s long, straight, and parted down the middle for early 70s fashions or something a la Farrah Fawcett for later 70s costumes. Afro wigs are also available for both men and women.