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70s Disco Dresses

Back in the 70s, when it was time to go to the disco, it was also time to get dressed up!

In the era of disco, no one went to the club wearing jeans, shorts, or any other casual wear.

Men donned their favorite three-piece suit or jumpsuit while the women put on their favorite disco dresses.

70s disco dresses weren’t at all subtle. As a matter of fact, they were pretty glitzy and they were designed to make sure that others in the disco club noticed you on the dance floor.

If you didn’t attract attention, next time you went out you pumped up your look a bit, determine to catch a few eyes.

In many cases, 70s disco dresses were designed from very shiny, sparkly material, often silver, gold, bronze, or some other metallic color.

A typical material for these dresses was lame, which was shiny but still comfortable and not too heavy, given all those hours destined to be spent on the dance floor under the disco lights.

It wasn’t unusual for some of these disco dresses to be decorated with sequins or something else that added a little extra of what we now refer to as bling.

Those 70s dresses that weren’t made of lame or some other shiny material were fashioned from some other sort of flowy fabric that would move easily when the wearer was on the dance floor.

In many cases, these dresses included a bright, bold psychedelic pattern, either geometric or floral. Colors like orange, red, and yellow were very commonplace and the prints of a disco dress weren’t unlike the bold prints used on the wallpaper of the 70s.

Disco dresses came in a few different styles though almost all of them were mini dresses; the hem usually landed about 5 or 6 inches above the knee. Some dresses were cut straight in an A-line style. Sleeve lengths for these dresses varied from sleeveless to long sleeve.

Another popular style of disco dress featured a skirt that flared at the bottom, allowing for a little “spin” when the wearer twirled around the dance floor.

Often, the sleeves on these dresses were long and fit snug until they got to the elbow.

From the elbow to the wrist, the sleeves flared in a similar fashion to the skirt portion of the dress.

Usually, these 70s disco dresses, the neckline was a V-neck and often plunged fairly low, revealing a bit of cleavage. In many cases, a matching headband or scarf was worn. Boots or platform shoes completed the look.