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70s Disco Shirts

Ahh, the disco era! People either loved it or hated it!

But even those who didn’t enjoy the music or frequent the many disco clubs that opened across the U.S. may have embraced the fashion fads that came along with the trend.

These included shimmery lamé Jumpsuits for men and women, three-piece men’s suits a la John Travolta and Saturday Night Fever, and classic 70s disco shirts that were all the rage during that particular era.

Disco shirts of the 70s were nothing like the classic shirts that men wear with traditional suits. They were, in general, fashioned from very brightly colored fabrics, either solid colors or bold prints. If you wanted to “get down” or be especially groovy, you needed to have several of these disco shirts in your closet.

Cotton was not the fabric of choice for disco shirts. Instead, most were made of polyester, which tended to be stretchy and tight. The form-fitting fabric was often shiny as well, far different from the flat cotton dress shirts that the “establishment” had been wearing for years.

Whereas, these days, collars on most shirts are small and unobtrusive, collars on most 70s disco shirts were HUGE. These large collars – sometimes called butterfly collars - were not meant to accommodate a tie; there was no bottom at the top.

Instead, they were left open, and if worn with a suit, the collar simply laid over the lapels. Actually, given the styles of the day, if these shirts were worn with a suit, it was most likely a leisure suit, which accommodated this style quite well.

Because many of these shirts did not have that previously mentioned top button, this open collar style allowed men of the disco era to spruce up their outfit with some favorite accessories of the era, specifically, large gold chains, which were all the rage.

Of course, you’d also want to pair your favorite polyester disco shirt with a pair of polyester bell bottom pants, which came in a variety of different colors to match your vibrant shirt. All you had to do was add a pair of platform shoes and you’d be the height of 70s fashion!

Today, many vintage stores carry a great selection of these classic shirts, ideal for themed parties. Those heading to a disco party or other 70s event can also check out online costume stores or eBay for more options.