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70s Fads

Orange lava lamp

The 70s fads came in all sizes and shapes, from short-lived fads to ones that lasted the entire decade.

On the silly side of 70s fads were Pet Rocks, which came in their own cages with a funny little instruction book about their care and feeding.

Mood rings were just as silly, though everyone seemed to want to analyze their mood by wearing them around class and at the arcade.

While some were wearing leisure suits, others were in their birthday suits. Streaking was one of the big fads of the 70s, from streakers on the Academy Awards to the high school prom. They seemed to be everywhere at times.

So were CB radios. Thanks to movies like Smokey and the Bandit, CB radios found their way into cars and everyone seemed to be crowding the airwaves with a big “10-4 good buddy”.

Truckers didn’t take too kindly to the invasion of their airwaves, but they did like the “Keep On Truckin’” shirts that were a big 70s fad.

The CB craze even found its way into another 70s fad, song parodies. There was “The Streak” by Ray Stevens, “Kung Fu Fighting and “Convoy”, the latter a nod to CBs.

If you enjoyed music and wanted to be really hip, you had an 8-track player in your room or your car, black light posters. If you were real lucky you also had a lava lamp and a waterbed in your room.

Other 70s fads included the brief return of the Duncan Yo-Yo, Big Wheels, Hot Wheels, air hockey and foosball.

Arcades were popular, challenging one another to hockey or foosball while checking out the fantastic new video games coming on the scene, such as Space Invaders and Asteroids.

Some fads just keeping rolling around in American history, coming in and out of style.

Roller-skating became one of the big 70s fads. In contrast to the old metal ones that attached to shoes, the new models were faster and safer.

By the middle of the decade there were thousands of skating rinks across the U.S., many combining skating with the disco music craze.

If you’re nostalgic for the 70s fads, you can still get many of these items on eBay.com, including your own Pet Rock, circa 1975. It hasn’t even aged a bit in the last 35 years, unlike many of us.

One of the popular 70s fads a retro 8-track-player