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70s Games

70s games were really fun. You could spent a lot of time entertained with a collection of creative and exciting board games and toys.

Though the 70s era of video games was literally just around the corner, people of the decade knew how to have fun without the benefit of technology (until a few early video games came about at the end of the decade).

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t unusual for typical American households to have a Family Game Night where everyone would gather together and choose their favorite 70s games to fill the evening with fun.

Some of these 70s games came and went, but so many games that were introduced in the 1970s turned out to be classics. Families are still playing them today, though some have been slightly updated.

70s games provided hours of fun, and plenty of laughter among friends.

Mouse Trap Game – Still on the shelves of today’s toy stores, this game was actually first introduced in the 1960s but for a very young audience. It was re-worked in the early 70s to the version everyone knows and loves.

The object was to build a Rube-Goldberg kind of contraption with cranks, slides, and all sorts of other interesting parts (including a bathtub!) that would eventually be used to trap your opponent’s mouse. The jingle was “Roll the dice, move your mice... MOUSETRAP!”

The Operation game – This 70s game provided hours of fun and could be a real challenge for those whose hands weren’t so steady.

Like the Mousetrap game, it was first introduced in the 60s but reached its pinnacle of popularity in the 70s. This battery-powered game involved removing certain “body parts” – like the broken heart and the wrenched ankle – from the odd-looking gentlemen whose figure appeared on the board.

The openings were tiny and some parts were quite hard to remove, like the little “writer’s cramp” pencil.

Battleship – Originally a paper-and-pencil game introduced by Milton Bradley in the 1930, Battleship became a popular board game in the early 1970s.

There was even an electronic version introduced in 1977. Played by two people, the object was to sink your opponent’s 5 battleships before he sunk yours.

Trouble – Introduced at the end of the 60s but very popular in the 70s, Trouble had the amazing “pop-o-matic” dice rolling device in the center of the board.

You pressed it down and the dice flipped around. Truly, this was the most exciting part of this 70s game!

Rock ‘Em, Sock ‘Em Robots – A fun simple game which consisted of a red and blue robot standing in a boxing ring, controlled by the players, who tried to knock each other’s robots and win the game. Sometimes it took a while. Others times the rounds were quite quick.

Rubiks Cube– Ahh, this perplexing little toy kept people busy for hours and only the truly clever ever solved the puzzle, which involved turning it and turning it until you’d gotten all the same colored squares together on each side.

The toy made a recent comeback and is still popular.

70s video games– The age of video games began to take shape at the end of the 1970s, first with game system maker Atari.

The makers of Pong, Atari stood as the prominent game maker for several years until Intellivision came along in 1979 and gave the company some serious competition. The graphics were primitive and sound was limited, but they were certainly a new phenomenon and people latched on quickly, paving the way for all the technology that was to come.

Other notable 70s games are:

  • Hoppity Hop
  • Stratego
  • Twister
  • Connect 4
  • Etch-a-Sketch
  • Spirograph
  • The Game of Life
  • Racko
  • Parcheesi
  • UNO
  • Magna Doodle
  • Simon
  • and many, many more!

If you are looking to purchase any of these awesome retro 70s games you can probably find them on eBay!