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70s Go Go Boots

If you were a woman of the 60s or 70s, you certainly owned at least one pair of go go boots.

Quite simply, go go boots were simply the only kind to wear if you wanted to be in style during that era.

So-called go go boots got their start in the 1960s. Some historians note that the word “go-go” is a derivation of the slang term “go”, which meant something was “in” or all the rage.

Others believe it came from the French phrase “a gogo”, which meant “in abundance.” Regardless of the etymology of the word, however, go go boots were definitely in fashion and were certainly seen in abundance!

The typical go go boot of the 1970s was usually made of shiny vinyl or plastic. By far, white was the most popular color for these boots though in the later part of the decade you’d find them in other bright neon-like colors.

These shiny white boots got a real push in the late 60s when singer Nancy Sinatra recorded the song “These Boots are Made for Walkin”, wearing a pair of white go go boots each time she appeared on television performing this particular hit.

Soon, go go boots were seen everywhere and the low cost of producing them in inexpensive vinyl materials made them accessible to everyone in the 1970s.

The standard go go boot, in addition to being white, was cut very straight and usually extended to the knee. The earliest one’s had a fairly flat heel and a rounded toe. No kind of ornamentation – such as buckles – appeared on the boot. This version of the boot remained through the early years of the 70s.

However, when the disco era came along, go go boots took on a dramatically different look. Go go boots had to keep up with the new trends of the decade, so shoe stores began selling these boots with platform heels rather than the standard heel.

For many, the higher the platform the better! Despite the change in heel, however, boots remained at the same length – to the knee – and they were still fairly plain with little or no added glitz.

All through the decade, the chosen outfit to wear with go go boots was the mini skirt. This was the best way to show off your shiny new boots and it made for a great outfit that could be worn either during the day or at night.

More importantly, 70s go go boots weren’t meant for rainy days. You could wear them just about any time and during any season. They were always in style!

Today, the term “go go boots” now refers to just about any calf-length boot, but with more and more retro clothing becoming “in vogue”, it’s easier than ever to find a pair that resembles those that were so popular in the 1970s.