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70s Hairstyles for Men

Trends in hairstyles of the 1970s for both men and women would appear fairly unusual to the fashionista of today.

The rule of “less is more” certainly didn’t apply to 70s hairstyles for mens.

Rather, they tended to be big, full, and – sometimes – long, certainly a lot less structured than the mens hairstyles that have dominated the 21st century.

Mens Long and Straight Hair

At the beginning of the decade, the hairstyles – or lack thereof – of the late 60s hung around for awhile. Young men tended to wear their hair straight and parted down the center.

The length ranged from shoulder-length to much longer. Headbands – tied around the forehead – were still popular in the 70s and may have been worn as an accessory by men as well as women.

This style began to fade away by 1973 or so.

Mens Shag Hairstyle

The Shag was a favorite hairstyle for both men and women in the mid to latter part of the 1970s. The name “Shag” tells you all you need to know about the haircut.

It tended to have a messy look about it, with uneven ends that usually flipped up at the bottom.

The shag actually worked with all kinds of hair – thick and thin – and looked good with most face shapes.

In addition, it was equally as appropriate for work as it was for going to the club in the evening and, as an added perk, it was easy to style and maintain.

The Elvis Look

Hairstyles that resembled those of Elvis Presley were also popular. It demanded some pretty thick hair to pull this one off.

The style was swept back on the sides and generally accompanied by long sideburns.

The release of the movie “Grease” probably had something to do with this 50s-type style becoming popular once again.

Mens Afro and Jheri Curl Hairstyles

The Afro was quite a trendy hairstyle in the 60s, but primarily for African Americans. The “Fro”, however, made a return in the 70s, particularly during the disco era, and was worn by both men and women and by Caucasians and other races as well as African Americans.

Many celebrities wore it and contributed to its rise in popularity. And with your 70s afro, of course, you needed a gold lame jumpsuit and a pair of platform shoes! Cool, baby!

By the end of the 70s, another favorite style for African American men was the Jheri Curl.

This was a perm that loosened the curls of a person who had normally tight curls.

Michael Jackson wore it at one point in his career as did several other celebrities. By 1983 or so, the fad had ended.