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70s Jacket

When it comes to 70s fashion, it truly was a trend-setting era.

Though many people laugh about some the clothing styles of the decade.

The fact remains that many of those 70s trends remained popular and others have returned some years later, taking the fashion scene by storm.

In the realm of 70s jackets, there was a number of different fads that are memorable. People who were in style simply had to have a denim jacket, for example.

These were of the short variety, usually with 4 or 5 snaps up the front and cuffs that snapped as well. Because the stone-washed process didn’t happen until the end of the decade, most of these jackets were made of dark blue denim.

It was fun to sew patches on them, decorate them with studs, or draw on them to create your own unique design.

Leather 70s jackets came into vogue as well and were styled for both men and women.

The mens variety often buttoned up the front and sometimes included a belt. Some of them looked almost like suit jackets while others might have been a short, motorcycle-style 70s jacket.

A womans 70s leather jacket was fairly simple in style as well though some included trendy fur around the collar and on the cuffs.  

Similarly, suede was “in” as well and suede jacket styles were much like those that were made of leather.

Some suede jackets, however, included fringe on the chest and/or on the sleeves. These American Indian-style 70s jackets were very popular with all ages and were usually paired with jeans. 

In the early 70s, the Nehru jacket, which was introduced in the late 60s, remained popular. As more and more celebrities embraced this fashion, so did mainstream America.

It is said that entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. had more than 200 Nehru jackets. These jackets were Asian- inspired and were usually suit-jacket length and included the signature Mandarin collar.

Women wore them as well. Often, they were made of shiny fabrics and bright or pastel colors – much different than those materials used to craft the traditional suit jacket.

For both younger girls and women, the short faux fur jacket was the epitome of style in the 70s. These were usually cropped at the waist and zippered up the front.

Also trendy were short wool jackets in solid colors or plaids that included faux fur sleeves.

White was the most prevalent color for these 70s jackets though it was possible to find them in the more traditional brown fur as well.