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70s Look, Get a 70s look

These days, retro is in and it isn’t unusual for fashion fanatics to want to put together a look that resembles those from days gone by.

Stores, especially vintage shops, sell clothing from a variety of eras, the 70s included.

Shoppers can go to these used clothing stores and search for bell bottoms, jean jackets, platform shoes, 70s jumpsuits, leisure suits, and a variety of other goodies that were all part of 70s fashion. Even some of today’s most popular designers are copying the 70s fashion, eager to offer buyers that retro look they crave.

Putting Together a 70s Look

Many fans of the 70s, including those who lived through the decade, enjoy dressing like they once did, especially for a retro costume party, 70s birthday celebration, or any other event that calls for dressing up in 70s garb. Or perhaps just for fun!

Putting together a 70s look demands that you secure certain must-have items that were fashion staples during that decade. First, however, you’ll need to decide whether you want to opt for casual or dressy. Daytime and nighttime dress in the 70s could be as different as – umm – night and day!

70s Look for the daytime - 70s Costume party goers who are looking towards the casualness of the 70s day wear should first secure a pair of bell bottoms. Today, designers make flare-leg jeans, some of which are similar to those worn in the early to mid 70s so it isn’t too hard to find a pair.

Dress them up with some studs or embroidery. Women may also be able to find a peasant-style blouse on today’s store shelves, or instead, they may want to opt for a midriff top or halter-style blouse.

Another popular shirt trend for women of the 70s was the tube top, a simple stretchy band of fabric (no straps) that came in a variety of colors and covered the upper torso.

Men wore bell bottoms as well and paired them with stretchy shirts in bold prints, so be sure to look for one of these when putting together a 70s look.

Leisure suits are a possibility as well. Popular in the mid-to-late years of the decade, these beauties consisted of bell bottom pants and a casual jacket, often in pastel shades. They were worn with print shirts in contrasting colors and, in many cases, white shoes.

Both men and women can add appropriate 70s accessories to their casual wear, like macramé belts (women), wide leather belts, gold chains, peace sign pendants, and – of course – 70s platform shoes.

70s look nighttime wear – If you want to wear something a bit more flashy, go for the disco nighttime look. Men should search for a three-piece suit – preferably in white – paired with a stretchy, knit shirt with a long collar and in the boldest print possible.

This is the classic Saturday Night Fever look a la John Travolta. Top it off with a pair of white, shiny platform shoes and a gold chain or two around the neck.

Another option for men is a jumpsuit. These one-piece treasures were quite popular during the disco years and were usually made of stretchy, shiny fabrics.

They zippered or buttoned up the front and generally included a large belt. Wear them with platform shoes of your choice.

Women who are looking for dressy 70s wear should also consider a jumpsuit, popular with both sexes. “Granny” dresses were also trendy, but in the middle to later part of the decade, and were soft and flowing, often fashioned in pastel prints with high collars and trimmed in lace.

They were regular sights during the proms of the 70s. Or if you prefer, go for the 70s micro mini or hot pants look, paired with funky platform shoes, popular both day and night.