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70s MakeUp and Hair

One of the favorite trends of this decade is to throw retro-themed parties that harken back to the earlier years of one’s life, and the 70s is one of those favorite decades that people just love to relive.

After all, it was a vibrant time, full of fun fashions and great music.

Guests attending a 70s party enjoy emulating the styles of the decade including the most popular 70s makeup and hair trends.

How you style your hair for a 70s party will depend largely on the part of the decade you wish to recreate.

In the early 70s, hair trends tended towards long and straight. Most often, younger women wore their hair parted down the center with no bangs.

It hung straight down their back, often close to their rear end. Longer was certainly in!

They didn’t really use anything to adorn their hair, such as barrettes. Instead, a hippie headband may have been tied around their forehead for a little extra color.

70s makeup, especially in the early years, was as natural as 70s hair.

Makeup experts began to shy away from the heavy matte foundations of the 1960s and opted for very light, neutral looks that smoothed the skin tone but allowed a woman’s true colors to shine through.

While women of the 60s wore false eyelashes or lots of mascara, 70s makeup didn’t include either. It did, however, feature rosy blushes, iridescent lip colors, shimmering shadows, and creative use of eyeliner.

In the latter part of the decade, 70s hair styles became a little more complex. One of the most famous hair styles of the late 70s was Farrah Fawcett’s popular winged, wavy look, which was repeated by women throughout the world.

The look required some help from those new curling irons that became so popular in the 70s and plenty of hairspray, even though the cut had a natural look.

Along with changes in hairstyles, makeup changed as well as the decade progressed. Darker colors returned to some extent and bronzing was very popular.

Stars like Farrah put forth a very healthy, tanned look, so women around the world wanted to emulate that. Hence, the use of bronzing gels or powders grew.

When disco was introduced, hairstyles changed again. With disco came an interest in ethnic styles, like Afros, which weren’t limited to only African-Americans but to anyone with curly hair.

Many young folks enjoyed emulating the style and often wore it along with their disco 3-piece suits, jumpsuits, minis, and other popular fashions.

70s Makeup Disco Style

When it comes to late 70s makeup, disco brought about a new look that was different from the natural appearance that was so popular up until that point.

Dark pinks for the lips were in vogue and eyes were shadowed in bright colors as well.

Lots of cobalt or peacock blue eye shadow was the norm, but greens, pinks, gold, and other colors were suitable as well.

Glitter was good and the 70s makeup disco era included plenty of it. As with disco fashions, the more flamboyant, the better.