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70s MakeUp Ideas

In the realm of beauty, the 70s had its own unique trends.

For the most part, 70s make up styles were pretty subtle and markedly different than the heavy-handed make up application of the 1960s.

Women no longer looked…well…made up!

While the 1960s brought heavy foundations, false eyelashes, and other make up styles that were more than obvious, the 70s, instead, brought forth new make up ideas that were as light and pure as some of the gauzy fashions of the early to middle part of the decade.

When it came to 70s makeup ideas, experts agree that the frame of mind centered around “the less, the better.” 

Foundations, when used, when nearly opaque. Their job was to even skin tones but to make the wearer look as if they weren’t using any foundation at all.

This natural makeup look went well with the long, straight hairstyles of the decade and the pretty peasant shirts and other comfortable, natural clothing styles.

In additional to nude-toned foundations, bronzers were also quite popular. Some women, especially in the summertime, opted for a healthy, tanned appearance, so their 70s make up styles included the use of a light liquid or powder that would achieve this effect.

As with regular foundation, these were designed to look natural as well and never appeared orange or otherwise fake.

Those searching for 70s make up ideas will find that photos from the era include fresh, pretty faces with just small bits of color.

During the 1970s, much of the focus was on the eyes and make up artists took the liberty of using splashes of bright colors – including blues and greens – on the eyelids to give the very natural face that extra boost.

The colors used were often sparkly or shimmering, especially for nighttime activities like going out to clubs or, later, discos.

In addition to shadow, women of the 70s often wore heavy eyeliner to lend an animal-like or mysterious appearance to their eyes.

On the cheeks, 70s make up styles included the use of a healthy-looking rosy blush. This went well with the natural foundation.

Powdered blushes were rarely used in the 1970s. Instead, most women chose a gel blush which, again, provided a sort of iridescent look that added a bit of sparkle to the face.

If you’re in search of a 70s lipstick shade, you’ll find that – in contrast to the eyes – the lips were quite subtle during that decade.

Frosted lipsticks and iridescent glosses were especially popular and were usually found in light shades of peach or pink.

Some appeared almost white in color. Like the gel blush, they added a little extra sparkle to the face while helping to maintain that neutral look.