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70s Makeup

Though the clothing of the 1970s was sort of “out there”, the 70s makeup trends of the decade were actually quite subtle.

Women looked pretty and natural though there was always a little splash of color that brightened up the face and lent a playful or mysterious look.

Gone were the heavy matte foundations of the previous decades, the long false eyelashes that Twiggy donned in the 1960s, lip liners and dark or bright lipsticks, and heavy mascara.

Instead, women who followed the 70s makeup trends looked almost luminescent, a fad that has begun to re-emerge in the world of cosmetics.

Foundation was never heavy and matched the wearer’s skin tone as closely as possible. That means makeup in a “nude” color that simply evened the skin tone was a big seller because women were hoping to achieve a very natural 70s makeup look.

If it appeared that a woman was wearing no makeup at all, she had met her goals. Therefore, foundations were fairly thin and light and putting loose or pressed powder over the foundation was generally not part of the regimen.

In some cases, women went for a tanned look, using a natural-looking bronzer to achieve the effect.

For blush, most makeup experts recommended a rosy look and women achieved this by using a translucent gel blush rather than a powder blush. This type of blush added a touch of color to an otherwise neutral palette but also gave the skin a healthy glow.

When it came to choosing eye makeup, women of the 70s played up their eyes and drew attention to them as much as possible.

Eye shadows were usually worn in pearlescent shades, especially blues and greens, but neutral pinks and browns were chosen as well.

These shimmering colors made the eyes glow and, like the blush, added some color to that natural look.

Eyeliner was another important tool in every woman’s 70s makeup bag. This beauty tool was used to draw the cat-like lines that were so popular on the eyelids of the decade.

Liner added a kind of mysterious look to the face and was used liberally. Mascara, in contrast, wasn’t used very often in the 70s. If it was, it was employed to lengthen the lashes but not for thickening.

On the lips of a typical 70s women, you would never see shades of lipstick that contained the words red, plum, or raisin.

On this part of the face, neutral was the name of the game as well. Most 70s gals preferred to draw more attention to their dramatic eyes so they chose lip gloss or frosted lipstick in very muted shades of pink, peach, or even nude. Lips were almost transparent and lip liner was a definite no-no.