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70s Music, Disco, Rock

70s disco music was just absolutely amazing; it was so great and it is still played on the radio today.

People were really into the disco beat and absolutely loved the disco music that was produced in the 70s.

When people listen to disco music you just had to get up on the dance floor and dance to the amazing upbeat and fun music.

The disco beat would not let you just sit there, you had to get up and move, people most definitely loved disco music and dancing in the 70s.

Back in the 70s, it was a happy time to get your grove on and just enjoy the fun things in life.

70s Rock

70s rock was also very popular and the rock bands in the 70s could definitely play rock and roll, the bands were all about rock music and were confident in their stage presence, they also were great performers and had completely awesome concerts.

Just look who played at the super bowl in 2010 the completely amazing band - The Who! It was great to watch them perform on stage and see these older rock artist perform. They really know how to play rock music and can put on a great show.

You really don’t see rock shows like the way they were back in the 70s. I think they are a great example for new and upcoming rock bands to learn the 70s rock styles and how to play rock music and perform on stage.

If these upcoming bands are smart they would learn from the best, the rock bands of the 70s.

I think 70s music is still popular today because of the many different styles of music that was produced during the decade. You had a little bit of everything from classic rock and roll music to the very popular disco beat.