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70s Party Decorations

There’s no better way to set the mood for a 70s party than to have 70s party decorations that truly represent the era.

A 70s party needs appropriate 70s party decorations that represent the culture and trends of the decade.

To make your 70s party as “far out” as possible, take some time to shop for the proper decorations. First, consider where the party will be held.

Smaller venues generally demand smaller-sized party decorations. However, if your party location is at a catering hall or other large venue, opt for bigger decorations that’ll stand out even in a sizeable room.

Tiny party decorations get lost when hanging on large walls, so plan accordingly.

Many 70s party-throwers go with a disco theme. After all, one mention of the 70s usually elicits thoughts of that memorable dance craze.

Indeed, whether or not you’re a fan of disco music, nothing says 70s like a huge disco ball and plenty of bright colored streamers. In many instances, party supply stores or online sites also sell so-called disco “scene setters”, which are long murals that attach to your walls and “set the scene”.

Disco scene setters might include dancers with signature 3-piece suits and Afros, a brightly colored dance floor, and twinkling highlights. They’re great for a blank wall and certainly put party goers in the mood.

Of course, disco wasn’t the only big deal of the 70s. Many other great things happened during the decade, so if you have a favorite event, movie, or TV show of the 70s, gear your 70s party decorations towards that direction.

For example, those who were particularly fond of The Star Wars movies, which got their start in 1977, might add a bit of that to their celebration. In that case, party decorations will have that intergalactic feel including stars, moons, planets, and so forth.

Guests can even wear futuristic 70s costumes. You might also consider a Godfather movie theme, which was also one of the top grossing films of the decade.

However, for those just sticking to a general 70s party theme, remember that the decade included groovy fashions and home décor in lots of bright colors and patterns. Therefore, 70s party decorations should reflect that. Don’t be afraid to combine 5 or 6 different colors.

Look for samples of retro 70s wallpaper you can use for placemats or wall hangings. Break out the old lava lamps, disco ball earrings, make some peace signs.

Think back to those years and use your imagination to take regular party decorations and make them reflect the trends of this funky decade. Have fun!