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70s Party Invitations

These days, more and more baby boomers are opting for a 70s party that celebrate the era in which they enjoyed their youth.

Currently, those marking a landmark birthday are often harkening back to the 70s, when they were younger and more carefree.

They love organizing celebrations that include the culture, food, and music of that particular era.

Any good party, of course, starts with the right invitation. It sets the mood for the party and lets guests know exactly what’s planned and what’s in store for them.

Choosing 70s party invitations for a 70s themed party gets the fun started from the minute the invitation arrives.

For those feelin’ groovy and ready to send 70s party invitations, it’s a good idea to search for samples of colorful invitations that include some well-known icons of the era.

Peace signs, platform shoes, disco balls, and other such items are ideal for the front cover of an 70s party invitation, and the funkier, the better.

The 70s was all about being flashy, so a mix of patterns and colors are appropriate.

Consider traditional invitations, with a picture on the front and room for party information on the inside, or opt for an 8.5 x 11 paper with all the information and the design on one side.

Either is customizable and can include all the details party-goers need to know. Lastly, if you’re mailing them, find bright colored envelopes that evoke that 70s feeling and entice the invitee to open the envelope and read about the party.

In all, an invitation is the first introduction to the party. Make it a groovy one!

Once the party giver has chosen the right invitation, conveying the needed information is the next task at hand.

There are all sorts of phrases that were popular in the 70s that can be used as an introduction for the invitation.

You can invite guests to “Get their Groove On” or “Boogie Oogie Oogie” at your 70s gala, followed by instructions about what they should wear or bring to the party.

If there will be dancing, you might want to refer to it as a “Disco Party”, paying homage to the most well-known music and dance trend of the decade.

Remember, if you want this to be a real nod to the 70s, encourage guests to dust off their bell bottoms, mini skirts, and platform shoes and don them for the party.

If they haven’t saved their old duds, it’s not difficult to find 70s items on eBay!

In addition, many costume companies offer low-cost costume options including replicas of John Travolta’s famous 3-piece suit, glittery jumpsuits, and even leisure suits.

Aside from detailing the appropriate dress, be sure that your 70s party invitations state clearly the date, time, and location of the party and whether it’s a surprise.

If you would prefer that invitees not bring a gift, be sure to make that clear on the invitation as well.