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70s Party Outfits

When throwing a themed party, it’s fun to do more than decorate to match the theme.

Those who truly want to celebrate their theme will ask guests to dress in clothes that match that particular motif.

If you’re throwing a 70s party, your guests will have a ball putting together a costume that reflects the styles and fashion trends of the era.

These days, with all the vintage clothing stores available across the country, and with a plethora of online costume shops available year round, it’s easy to put together the quintessential 70s party outfit.

Hippie Party Outfits

Do you love the way people dressed in the early 1970s? Then you might want to search for a hippie costume. The hippie style was popular from the late 1960s until the early portion of the 70s and the clothes were colorful and comfortable, for the most part.

Those hoping to put together a hippie outfit might consider starting with a pair of bell bottom jeans, preferably hip-huggers that sit below the natural waist line.

To go along with those jeans, look for a loose-fitting cotton peasant shirt of some sort or perhaps a tie-dyed t-shirt. Women might also consider a mini-dress paired with some fashionable white go-go boots. Tie a headband or scarf around the forehead and you’re ready to go!

Good 70s accessories for someone dressed as a hippie include peace necklaces, macramé belts, fringed vests, and a variety of other popular early 70s fads.

Disco Party Outfits

If you’re more into the disco scene, there are a huge selection of 70s party outfits available that reflect the flamboyant look of the disco era. During that portion of the 70s, club goers wore some very interesting clothing!

Jumpsuits – a one-piece garment that melded together both pants and shirt – were very popular. They were worn by both men and women and were usually pretty glitzy.

Most of the time, they included a wide belt that either buckled or tied. Costume companies love the jumpsuit look and it’s easy to find these offered for sale.

Men can opt for the famous John Travolta white suit, worn with a dark shirt that has a large so-called butterfly collar.

Men might also choose a leisure suit for their 70s party outfit. Leisure suits were worn with print shirts that were open at the top. White shoes and belts were a common complement for this outfit.

In addition to jumpsuits for the ladies, short dresses were still popular and were often seen worn with boots, similar to what was fashionable in the early 70s.

Of course, either sex will want to add platform shoes to their costume! Platform shoes can still be found in a variety of shapes and sizes though today’s platforms tend to be not quite as “far out” as those from the 70s, so check online or visit a vintage store for a more authentic look.