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70s Posters

70s posters were really popular in the decade.

Usually, these posters reflect peoples love of a certain musical group or artist, TV or movie personality, or style of art.

70s posters of that era remain classics, selling for lots of cash on sites like eBay and others.

Many of the decades earliest 70s posters were fashioned in the Psychedelic Art style that was so popular at the end of the previous decade.

They consisted of surrealistic subject matter usually done in bright colors. This was the art of the counterculture and its popularity continued well into the 70s.

Probably one of the best known psychedelic artists in America was Peter Max, whose “Cosmic 60s” art appeared not only on posters but also in TV and product ads, eventually licensed by more than 70 corporations. If you didn’t have a colorful, futuristic Peter Max poster on your wall in the 70s, you weren’t cool.

A number of celebrity posters became icons of the 1970s; in particular, actress Farrah Fawcett’s red swimsuit poster that was released in 1976 and sold about 12 million copies.

Catapulted to fame by her role as Jill Munroe on TVs Charlie’s Angels, Fawcett was an instant hit with the average red-blooded American male of all ages. Hence, many of them purchased this poster and hung it on the wall of their room, dorm, or garage.

It is a poster that remains popular, even more than 30 years later.

Fawcett’s poster prompt many copycats, so those who didn’t have Farrah on their wall might have owned posters of WKRPin Cincinnati’s Loni Anderson, Cliffhanger’s Susan Anton, or Wonder Woman’s Linda Carter.

Of course, the women of America had the opportunity to stare at some great male figures with there 70s posters as well, including football player Joe Namath, actors Shaun and David Cassidy, and a very young John Travolta.

Movie posters of the 70s were quite innovative. A lot of them, especially early in the decade, incorporated the use of psychedelic art.

The most collectible posters of the era include those advertising the most popular movies of the decade – including Star WarsThe Godfather Love Story, Grease, and Saturday Night Fever. Other fun and popular 70s posters were from movies include those from some of the decade’s more unusual movies.

Avid music lovers also tacked 70s music posters of their favorite artists to the walls of their room.

These might have included colorful representations of The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Led Zeppelin, a number of different artists from the Motown scene, and later in the decade, singers from the world of Disco music.