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70s T Shirts

Much of the clothing of the 70s was very casual.

Jeans, especially bell bottoms, became standard dress for people during leisure hours and usually, these pants were accompanied by a simple t shirt.

70s t shirts bore popular symbols and quotations of the era and were generally bright in color.

Many have been replicated in recent years as the trend towards retro clothing continues.

One popular 70s t shirt trend was tie-dye. Tie-dye is a method by which wearers could create a shirt in a variety of interesting colors and patterns.

Done with the use of a plain white shirt, some string to tie it up, and fabric dye of different colors to create the pattern, these t-shirts were fun to make but you could also buy them ready-made at just about any clothing store that catered to the younger generation.

Peace symbol t shirts were also quite popular during the 70s. Widely worn by those who wanted to profess their views against the Vietnam War or by others who simply liked the symbol, these t shirts could be found just about everywhere during much of the 70s and were common clothing items for young adults.

Often, the symbol was accompanied by the word “peace” or some other word or verse.

During the 70s, t shirts that displayed the name of one’s favorite band or recording artist began to pop up.

These 70s t shirts might have featured names and images such as AC/DC, Aerosmith, Jefferson Airplane, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and even the young Michael Jackson.

This gave youth a chance to proclaim their allegiance to a particular musical group and individual. It’s still easy to get some of these vintage t shirts as many of the classic rock groups and solo artists have remained popular through the years.

Another option was to wear 70s t shirts that included pictures of characters from your favorite TV show.

Especially popular with young people were shows like The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family, so it wasn’t unusual to see a shirt with a picture of mega-cute Barry Williams (Greg Brady) or David Cassidy (Keith Partridge) on it.

A popular word or phrase from a 70s TV show often appeared on t-shirts as well, including “Meathead” from All in the Family or “Lookin’ Good” from Chico and the Man, or Telly Savalas’ famous “Who Loves Ya, Baby” from Kojak.  

70s t shirts might have also reflected a person’s love of the movies of that era. There were lots of great flicks that were released during that decade and many movie aficionados paid homage to their favorites via their t shirts.

Films like Jaws, Saturday Night Fever, Superman, The Godfather, and many others have been immortalized on a t shirt.

Any of these shirts would be perfect for a retro 70s party.

They can often be found at a vintage clothing store, or party attendees can design their own using their favorite symbol or catch phrase of the decade.

Another great place to find a 70s t shirt is on eBay!