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70s Trends

Life in the 1970s was decidedly different than in the previous decades.

While people were still concerned with world peace and the end of war, life in general seemed to be more light-hearted.

In addition, there were many changes and trends that had a positive and often interesting impact on the life of Americans and others around the world.

These 70s trends brought a spark to life and made the decade one that was truly different than any other.

70s trends in fashion, especially in the early part of the decade, were not so different from those of the 60s.

Comfortable was the name of the game and 70s jeans (especially bell bottoms) and cotton shirts – often loose-fitting – were the preferred 70s fashion trend.

As the 70s progressed, however, the fashion trends changed. By the middle years of the decade, colors were bright and loud, wild patterns were commonplace.

70s trends included crazy flamboyant clothes that came along with the sparkle of the 70s disco era and, soon, it wasn’t unusual for people of all ages to be wearing glitzy jumpsuits, large gold chains, and plenty of what we’d now call “bling.”

Dresses came in mini, midi, and maxi and men wore plaid leisure suits at the end of the decade. Platform shoes were in, no matter what your gender.

The 70s trends in fashion greatly influenced the trends in home decor as well. While individuals of all ages were wearing bright-colored clothes with large prints and geometric shapes, people were putting those same colors and patterns on their walls.

Indeed, 70s decor trends were quite vibrant and included things like foil wallpaper, strangely shaped furniture, and other items that decorators would later look back upon and chuckle.

Music trends of the 70s were varied and diverse. 70s rock was king and many new kinds of rock saw their beginning or enjoyed their heyday in the 70s.

This included psychedelic rock, hard rock, and heavy metal. Soft rock was popular as well.

For those who preferred a different style, there was also plenty of easy listening on the airwaves.

Other 70s trends in music included country pop and southern rock. And who could forget the most memorable music trend of the 70s – disco!

All these genres were available in a number of formats, including vinyl records, cassettes, and 8 track tapes.

In the 70s, people were playing with pet rocks. Nearly everyone had one on their bedroom shelf or office desk. Most people even gave them names!

In the car, CB radios were all the rage and drivers could communicate with others on the road with just the flick of a switch.

Overall, the trends of the 1970s were quite ground breaking, paving the way for even more changes that would come in the decade to follow.