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70s Trivia

Do you know about the 70s, can you answer these 70s trivia questions?

1. What was the top grossing film of 1970?

2. What national environmental celebration was first held on March 21, 1970?

3. In April 1970, President Nixon signed a bill that banned advertising of this product on television.

4. This popular vacation destination opened in October 1971.

5. What James Bond movie made the top of the charts in 1971?

6. John Lennon had the top song of 1971. What was it?

7. This television show about a Depression-era farming family in Virginia debuted in September 1972.

8. This teamed trounced the Miami Dolphins in the 1972 Superbowl.

9. The 1972 Academy Award for Best Picture went to this American crime film.

10. What horse took the Triple Crown of horseracing in 1973?

11. The first American space station was launched in May 1973. What was it called?

12. The first punk rock single - Hey Joe – was released in 1974. Who was the artist?

13. This woman won the 1975 Wimbledon championships.

14. What late night comedy show premiered on NBC in 1975?

15. 1975’s “Record of the Year” was this Olivia Newton-John hit.

16. This Georgia peanut farmer was elected president of the U.S. in Nov. 1976.

17. These two airlines scheduled the first commercial supersonic transport (SST) flights in 1976.

18. This American League team won the 1977 World Series, defeating the L.A. Dodgers.

19. Two of the most watched films of the century were released in 1977. What were they?

20. The first portable stereo is introduced by Sony in 1978. What was it called?

21. The Eagles had the “Record of the Year” in 1978. What was it?

22. In May 1979, this woman became the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.

23. What group released the first commercial hit of the Rap genre in 1979? What was the song?

24. This 1979 show about a NYC cab company launched Toni Danza’s career and won the Emmy for Best Comedy.

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