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Black Light Posters

A lot of 70s trends were quite unique, including the art that people hung on their walls.

One of the most popular art movements of the decade was the psychedelic movement, popularized by artists such as Peter Max.

This kind of art was influenced by the so-called psychedelic experiences and it was the art movement most closely associated with the 60s counterculture.

From the psychedelic art movement came a popular fad called the black light poster. The posters got their start in the late 60s and remained best sellers well into the 70s.

Young people from all walks of life hung black light posters on their walls. Many of them featured psychedelic-style art but these posters certainly weren’t limited to that genre.

However, the coolest thing about black light posters wasn’t necessarily what was printed on them. Rather, the thing that was really groovy was what happened when you turned off the regular lights and turned on the black light.

Black light posters were drawn with colorful fluorescent ink on a plain black background. Often, the background was velvet. When hit with the black light, the phosphor in the ink would cause it to glow or “light up”.

The velvet provided a marked contrast to the colorful pattern on the poster and the combination of all the effects together made the poster appear three dimensional.

These black light posters were a must-have for most young adults and the sale of fluorescent black light bulbs rose drastically in the late 60s and early 70s.

If you changed the ordinary bulbs to black light ones you could admire these really cool posters, which featured not only the usual psychedelic swirls and other patterns but also peace symbols, floral patterns, cartoon characters, zodiac signs, dragons, and much more.

Popular rock bands of the era – like Pink Floyd, Grateful Dead, Lynyrd Skynyrd, John Lennon, The Who, Kiss, and others – were featured on black light posters as well.

Those who want to relive this popular art trend of the 1970s can still purchase these online or at certain novelty stores.

The common psychedelic prints, peace signs, and other designs of the 70s are still available and are ideal as decorations for 70s-themed parties.