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Disco Decorations

For those who lived through the decade, the 70s were a lot of fun!

It was more carefree than the turbulent 60s, an era of bright colors, interesting new trends, and music that prompted you to get up and dance.

No wonder so many people want to relive the decade by throwing 70s parties that are reminiscent of the era.

In particular, many party-throwers hone in on the disco fad, decorating their home or other party venue with items that were indicative of this crazy 70s musical trend.

If you’re shopping for disco decorations for a 70s party, you’ll find that there are many options available.

However, there are definitely some must-haves for any disco party. This includes the disco ball. Every disco dance venue had a glittery silver disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

These large mirrored balls, when properly lit, created all sorts of funky affects on the walls, floor, and ceiling of the dance room. Often, the disco ball was combined with a strobe light for a very cool look.

It’s still possible to buy genuine mirrored balls, though they are probably a bit expensive for a party. A good substitution is a plastic mirror ball or a balloon that looks like a mirror ball.

Many novelty companies also sell cut-outs of disco dancers that party hosts can place around the room or stick on the walls.

Often, these cut-outs resemble notable characters of the disco era, including John Travolta-type figures complete with white three-piece suit a la Saturday Night Fever.

Similarly, you may be able to find disco dancer props sporting the Afro hairstyles and jumpsuits that were so popular during the era.

Many of these same party supply companies also offer so-called scene setters, which are easy-to-remove murals that can be put on the walls for the party. These scene setters might feature the bright patterns of the 70s that were typical of wallpaper of the 70s.

Often, they’re shiny and metallic and go perfectly with a disco ball. Some are suitable for use with black lights, which were also popular during the 1970s.

To finish off the look, hang music notes, G clefs, or other musical symbols on the walls or from the ceiling. The glitzier, the better!

The 70s was all about sparkle so add some mylar curtains or beads for even more shine.

Also, consider purchasing some inexpensive lava lamps for further decoration. They can be purchased at a fairly low price and are a great conversation piece. While they don’t add a lot of light, they’re good for accent lighting…and cool to watch.

Have fun putting together the disco decorations.