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Hippie Headbands

Women have been wearing headbands for years, usually for the purpose of keeping their hair out of their eyes.

But in the late 60s and early 70s, headbands were more a fashion statement than a utilitarian piece of head gear.

These so-called “hippie headbands” were in vogue for several years and wearing one instantly turned you into a “Flower Child”.

Generally, one would see headbands wrapped around the hair and fastened underneath the hair in the back around the nape of the neck. However, hippie headbands were worn around the forehead.

If they were long, they were tied and the remaining fabric hung down the side of the person’s hair.

Hippie headbands came in all colors, shapes, and sizes and it isn’t unusual to see them recreated today, especially with the return to retro clothing.

It is great to wear them and don them with your favorite vintage outfits.

Some headbands were thin and were made of elastic. These were easy to put on and take off and added an understated accent to any outfit. Sometimes, they were studded with rivets or stones for a little variety.

Some were made of a thin strip of leather and may have tied in the back or on the side. Sometimes these headbands were braided by using three thin strips of leather fastened together.

Thick headbands were in fashion as well. These were simply made of strips of cloth or scarves and were tied around the forehead just like the thin variety.

The wearer might choose a headband to match their outfit or simply select one in a favorite color. In the 70s, bright colors with far out prints were popular for most clothing items and this same trend made its way to headbands as well.

Other hippie headbands may have been fashioned from “love beads.”  These so-called love beads were quite the trend during this era.

People wore them around their necks and even hung them in their rooms in place of doors or curtains. For a headband, beads were strung together on a piece of elastic until the band reached the desired length.

Crafty people had dozens of love bead headbands in different colors designed to match different outfits.

Often, when any headband was worn, the wearer would braid their hair or simply part it down the center and wear it long and straight.

Generally, you didn’t wear bangs if you wore such a headband. If you did have bangs, you either pushed them aside or wore them over the front of the headband.