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Hippie Style

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In the 1970s, if you were a hippie (or wished you were one), your style was all about being relaxed and free.

Hippie style was laid-back, just like the attitude of hippies of that era. It was all about peace, free love, and living together in harmony.

The hippie clothing style of the late 60s and early 70s simply exuded comfort. Nothing worn by a hippie was constricting.

Most often, the typical hippie outfit included bell bottom jeans, which was one of the most iconic fashion styles of the 1970s.

The bell bottoms were suitable for men and women and may have been embroidered with peace symbols, butterflies, flowers, and other symbols of the era.

Women, when they weren’t wearing bell bottoms, may have donned a mini skirt or a loose-fitting mini dress. Towards the end of the hippie era, longer dresses became quite popular as well. They were loose fitting and sometimes referred to as “granny dresses.”

Shirts were often tie-dyed or, for the women, were crafted in the popular peasant style. Dashikis (African-inspired garments) were often worn as well. If you’re trying to imitate the hippie style, you’ll also want to add handcrafted jewelry like beads or peace symbols or even macramé creations.

And don’t forget large dangling earrings for the ladies! Much of the jewelry worn during that era was Native American in style, included necklaces made of tiny beads portraying Indian symbols of some sort.

The hippie style demanded long hair for both men and women. Though women usually wore it longer than the men – often all the way down the back – there were indeed men who had very long hair as well. Most often, however, it reached the shoulders.

There was really no styling necessary. Most hippies wore their hair straight and parted down the center. However, those who chose not to leave it down would usually wear it in one or two braids. And, of course, a headband worn across the forehead was the ultimate hippie touch! Girls also wore fresh flowers in their hair whenever possible, usually picked from someone’s garden or a nearby meadow. Many hippie men wore facial hair though some were clean shaven.

Most of all, the hippie style didn’t involve the trappings of modern day man. For example, there were no fancy hair products or perfumes used each morning. The more natural, the better.

Those who opted for some scent often wore musk oil, which had a very natural smell and was one of the most popular scents of the 1970s. Patchouli oil was widely used, too. As a matter of fact, the Urban Dictionary refers to patchouli as “hippie perfume.”

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