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People in the 1970s

In the 1970s, life was easy…or perhaps simple is a better word.

It seems that the world was a much more carefree place in the 70s, allowing for people to live a much more relaxed life than they do in the 21st century.

Family life was still ultra important in the 1970s and people took the time necessary to spend with family as well as their extended family, including grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

In general, families weren’t as transient as they are now. Those who grew up in a particular city or town tended to stay in that town during their adult life and were content to raise their family in the same neighborhood in which they grew up.

Things like eating dinner together were still a priority. Though many women were now going to work, Mom was usually still the person responsible for putting dinner on the table each day.

While there was the occasional Mr. Mom in the neighborhood, for the most part, Dad was still the major bread winner in the family.

People in the 1970s still took time away from work to play together. Game night was a regular occurrence and it wasn’t unusual for families to spend hours over Monopoly, enjoying some friendly rivalry.

Families also gathered around the TV to enjoy their favorite programs of the decade, now in “living color”. While the 70s did usher in a new era of television, most series were still family friendly so everyone could watch together.

It was a time when youths got together to play favorite games like Stick Ball or Kick the Can, or to try their hand at Double-Dutch, yo-yos, or that all-time 70s favorite, Clackers.

One of the things that made the 70s carefree in comparison to today was the absence of electronic devices that tied people of that decade to work or other obligations. The only place you had a telephone was in your home.

This land line may have had its glitches at times, but it was the only way people could reach you and you didn’t have to answer your phone in the car, at the store, or anywhere else. Even then, you didn’t know who was calling. You just took your chances since caller ID hadn’t been invented yet.

In general, it was the last decade of people who were unencumbered by modern technology, and while you might look back and wonder how you survived without the internet, chances are – because you didn’t have it – you were more apt to enjoy the outdoors, read a good book from the neighborhood library, or sit on the stoop and talk to friends until the wee hours of a warm summer morning. Ah, life was good.