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Popular in the 70s

A plethora of fads were popular in the 70s, ranging from styles of clothing to games and toys to the way people wore their hair.

These trends have become synonymous with the decade and bring back great memories for those who lived through the era.

Here are a few that are particularly memorable.

Pet Rocks

One of the most bizarre “toys” of the 1970s was the Pet Rock. The idea of a pet rock was conceived by a California advertising executive, Gary Dahl, who got tired of hearing his friends complain about the time and expense involved in taking care of their pets.

Hence, he invented the Pet Rock, which was simply a rock that came in a custom cardboard box with breathing holes in it. They sold for about $4 and came with an instruction book for care of the pet. Though the 70s fad lasted less than a year, some 70s people still have their pet rock!

Mood Rings

Invented in 1975 and introduced to the public shortly thereafter, the Mood Ring was a ring that contained liquid crystal or some other sort of thermochromic element that would change color in response to body temperature.

Hence, the ring was advertised as having the ability to indicate the emotional state of the person wearing it on their finger. Originally, the rings were fairly expensive but were later made available as inexpensive costume jewelry.


Though clogs have been around for centuries, originally functioning as work shoes for farmers and others, in the 1970s clogs became one of many unique fashion trends.

Both men and women wore them and bragged on their comfort. Furthermore, they were considered quite upscale. Also, in tandem with another trend of the 70s, clogs were sometimes made in platform shoe style, with thick soles that added 4 or 5 inches to one’s height.

Mirrored Sunglasses

On America’s beaches in the 1970s, you were the ultimate in cool if you had a pair of mirrored sunglasses. These shades had a flash coating on the outside of the lenses that made them function as small mirrors.

That means if you were looking at a person wearing these sunglasses, you could see yourself in the lenses. Mirrored sunglasses are often referred to as cop shades because they’ve been popular with law enforcement since the 70s.

Movie and TV characters of the decade wore them often as well, making them even more popular with the masses.

Tube Tops

Women of the 70s loved wearing the sleeveless, shoulderless, and very skimpy stretchy shirts known as tube tops. They were especially popular with teenagers and young adults and had elastic bands at the top or bottom (or through the entire shirt) to keep the tube top where it should be.

It was available in a myriad of colors and prints and was generally quite inexpensive, making it even more attractive. It could be worn by itself or under another shirt.