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Style of the 70s

Every decade has its own style. The 20s had the flapper dress, the 50s had poodle skirts and bobby socks, and the 60s had Twiggy’s famous mini dress.

The style of the 70s is tough to describe in just one word, but for those who truly loved this eclectic decade, the words natural and easy-going are just as applicable as glitzy, vibrant, and other flamboyant terms.

The style of the 70s changed drastically between 1970 and 1979 but it was nothing less than exciting. Though those who never lived through the decade look back at pictures of the past and shake their head, confused by some of the unusual fashions, aficionados of the 70s simply see them as memorable.

And as proof that the style of the 70s had much wider appeal than many thought, some of the 70s fashions of the decade are returning to popularity, including bell bottom jeans, peasant shirts, and high-wasted pants.

Casual was “in” at the beginning of the 70s. Influenced by the styles of the late 60s, especially the carefree hippie fashion, Americans began wearing jeans (a.k.a. dungarees) for a variety of occasions.

Young people decorated their jeans with studs (think “Bedazzler”), patches, paint, or embroidery.

Women got to choose from three different lengths of skirt or dress. The mini was quite popular, but so was the midi, which reached mid-calf, and the maxi skirt, which hung down to the ankles.

It was even possible to buy outerwear in different lengths, including maxi coats that would zip off to become a midi if so desired. Long boots went well with all of these fashions and were quite popular throughout the 70s decade.

Men wore jeans when it was time to be casual, but when it was appropriate to dress up, they donned 3-piece suits. These became especially popular by the middle of the decade and the trend lasted well into the 80s.

These suits weren’t just your usual bland colors of black, navy, and brown. White suits were especially popular thanks to Saturday Night Fever, but other fun colors were available as well.

Discos were literally filled with men in 3-piece suits, which weren’t complete without a long-collared shirt, a gold chain, and some platform shoes.

The style of the 70s also included the jumpsuit, a somewhat unusual item of clothing that recently made a comeback on the runways of France. Basically, the jumpsuit is two articles of clothing – the top and bottom – merged into one.

A bit futuristic in style – especially the shiny ones – these  unique zip-up-the-front creations were popular on the dance floor, combined with – of course – platform shoes.

The 70s era saw many more interesting clothing trends including the leisure suit, hip hugger jeans, Earth Shoes, halter and tube tops, stone-washed denim, and more.

Thoughts of these funky fashions make some shake their heads and make others smile from ear to ear.

After all, the 70s – for the most part – was a happy decade when America was heading into an era of great prosperity, despite the fact that the clothes were a little strange!